Business Crises: Call Centers to the Rescue

For all companies, it’s not a matter of “if,” but a matter of “when” a business crisis will occur. Threats come in various shapes and sizes: product failures, human errors, and natural disasters. Preparing for a business crisis can help mitigate the damages that your organization sustains.

In this new economy, a crisis can totally destroy a business. Preparation is key to maintain employee morale and profit margins during any potential threats. That’s why every business should have a crisis management plan in order to handle these unpredictable circumstances.

Call centers can play a major role in the success of your business during a crisis. By outsourcing, you ensure the essential components of your company are operating smoothly without any hiccups.

Recent research shows that call centers work well because agents are passionate about offering the best customer service. From retail to financial services, companies are receiving results from customer-centric call centers. This ensures businesses that efficiency and the customer experience are never abandoned.

Call centers are a highly efficient way of delivering services because they pool information, people, and technological resources. With effective management, accurate staffing, and disciplined planning, call centers can help your business during tough patches.

So, how can a call center really rescue your business during a crisis? Here are a few scenarios:

  • Natural Disasters

A major tornado rips through your city. The building is damaged, and electricity won’t be available for more than four days.

By using a call center in another location, your business doesn’t have to halt completely. Agents can update your customers about the situation and be redirected to the appropriate services.

  • Technological Problems

Oh, no! Your entire company’s computer system has been hacked. Customers’ private information has also been compromised. Your clients are calling frantically, but you are not equipped to handle all the calls.

Call centers are available to receive large call volumes. Give management a script and possible solutions to resolve any concerns your clients may have about their privacy.

  • Workplace Violence

A random, early morning shooting has occurred on your business’s campus. Police are setting up a perimeter to search for the suspect and detour incoming traffic. Right now, you are concerned about your employees.

Reach out to a call center to dial up your employees to tell them not to report to work. Agents also can provide status updates and keep them informed about the situation.

  • Financial Conditions

The stock market is taking a dive. Your suppliers are worried about collecting payments. Monetary losses seem evitable but possibly fixable. Rumors are spreading around that your business will be bankrupted.

Coordinate with a call center to speak directly with your concerned clients and creditors. Keep the agents well-prepared with custom scripts and a VIP callback list. Let call centers ease everyone’s stress during these difficult times.

No matter what type of business you run, a crisis will always be right around the corner. Make sure you are prepared for the worst by inserting call centers into your crisis management plans.