Document Scanning Conversion Services

While running a business, massive amounts of paperwork accumulate. Paper trails are still a part of conducting business. When you are looking for a trustworthy document scanning service, work with Inso. We offer great data conversion services in addition to offering you convenient, organized, and complete scans of all of your files.

Get everything scanned, prepared, and presented to you in a format that is ready to use the instant you receive it. We have the experience needed to get your document scanning and data conversion done right the first time, every time

4 Reasons Why Our Clients Trust Us

Security – We understand that your data is private and sensitive. We take your security seriously and utilize 24-hour security cameras. Your files are stored in a secure FTP server and you enjoy 24/7 access to it. We encrypt and password-protect our servers for your security. We have established tight security measures and maintain them to secure your data.

Efficiency – Our team handles your document scanning duties. We do not outsource to third parties. Our employees are experienced in documents scanning and data conversion services since they have doing it successfully for over a decade. We have scan your documents and deliver it the next business day. Our data conversion service team is effective and committed to catering to your business needs.

PCI compliant – Our databases are PCI compliant. By utilizing our data conversion services or document scanning services, you ensure that all of your files are compatible with the programs that you use to run your business.

Affordable – Since we employ a skilled and effective offshore team, we pass the cost savings to your business. We provide exceptional quality of service to every client. Inso will never overcharge or try to get you to pay more with confusing memberships, quick talking sales pitches, or the promise of better service. You get the absolute best Inso can offer for a great and affordable price every time.

Types Of Document Scanning And Data Conversion

  • We scan your documents and organize the scanned documents by folder or category when we work with you regarding your data scanning service needs. We deliver your scanned files to you in an organized manner.
  • As part of our data conversion service, we convert your files to an image file (.img, .jpg or other) or Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) or Excel (.xls) or Powerpoint (.ppt) and deliver your files to you in the format of your choice.
  • In addition to performing an automated verification process, we conduct a manual verification process of our work. For example, when our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software would convert your document into an image file or .pdf file, we ensure that the converted information is accurate. Thus, we double check our work and we deliver your files the way you want them delivered.
  • We build a custom database for you. If you would like your documents tagged so that you could conduct a search, we build a database customized to your business so that you can search and locate your documents easily.