Direct Response Call Center Services

With over 10 years of experience with direct response campaigns, we provide a customized solution for handling your campaign. We utilize our extensive experience to increase your profit margin by maximizing sales from your inbound calls using our state-of-the-art direct response call centers and mail centers in addition to our dedicated project managers and well-trained staff.

Our direct response services include TV, radio, and print (such as mail order catalogs) as well as online services. We also provide lead qualification and lead generation services for our clients.


Since 2003, Inso has handled an assortment of different direct response campaigns. We are an active member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Electronic Retailing Association (ERA). We stay atop any pertinent market changes by researching the latest technologies and advancements within our industry. We consistently educate our representatives to provide the most productive campaigns for our clients.

Companies typically allocate significant resources to direct sales companies to help them with mailing campaigns, TV campaigns and through other media outlets including online campaigns. With our cost effective outsourcing services, you can assure the strongest Return On Investment (ROI) while reducing the cost of your campaign.

How We Deliver Results For Your Campaign

Your business benefits from the results that we achieve using our direct response call center. We assure that all calls are answered promptly by well-trained agents with excellent accents. We provide the most accurate information to your customers, and we use the active listening and engagement approach to convert calls into sales.

Our Industry Advantage

Over the past ten years, we have learned that there are different ways to answer calls for TV campaigns versus mail campaigns or internet campaigns. Each campaign requires its own way of communication. We understand the

difference in the nuances while interacting with your customers related to your TV campaign versus your customers related to your online campaign.

We follow-up with customers who have inquired about your products and services, but who did not sign up for your service or buy your products. We call them back during our outbound campaign, and we offer them a discounted rate to generate sales and to improve conversion rate for your business.

Tackling Abandon Rates

We help your business to generate sales if your company is experiencing high abandon rates. We deliver results by setting up a progressive outbound campaign at our direct response call center to generate sales for your business. Once we have answered and converted sales, we capture any abandoned calls. We then setup a simultaneous outbound campaign to contact those abandoned calls and convert them into sales for your business.

Different Campaign Types

We are cognizant of the varying nuances that exist between an incoming call at a direct mail call center related to a print campaign and an incoming call related to a TV campaign.

  • Customers responding to printed or mailed campaigns vary from other types, and are generally well-informed about your products. We approach such customers with a specific approach to satisfy their needs and close the sale.
  • TV customers who phone-in are generally less knowledgeable than customers related to mail catalogs. Such TV customers require an active listening and engagement approach as well as product education to close the sale.

Our Approach

We train our direct sales companies representatives to be successful with increasing conversions in radio campaigns, catalogs, internet campaigns, TV campaigns, printed and mail campaigns.

We understand how the campaign type determines how your customers respond and the questions your customers may ask. We utliize our experience to assure that our sales agents are prepared to serve your customers.

Our campaigns are well planned, so we can handle call spikes and incorporate the necessary strategies to manage different types of campaigns successfully at our direct response call center.

Maximize Your Direct Response Mail Center Campaign

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