Help Desk Support

Help desk software allows you to communicate with your customers in real time and answer their questions. When you work with Inso, we implement the help desk support platforms excellently to increase your sales, improve customer satisfaction, reduce abandoned sales and deliver outstanding customer service.

We provide exceptional help desk support for your products and services and effectively communicate with your employees and customers. Our agents investigate your customers’ queries and resolve their concerns quickly. We utilize our access to the entire knowledge base of both Inso and your databases to deliver outstanding results as your help desk call center.

Key Features Of Our Help Desk Support

  • We create tickets quickly and easily to help your customers and staff.
  • When we create support tickets, we input information to help expedite the process and resolve the issue.
  • Our virtual call center staff addresses all email queries accurately and quickly. We forward any email to the appropriate department for further assistance.
  • Our computer help desk produces automated responses. Also, we email your customers with the solution regarding their concern.
  • Inso’s help desk support staff create support tickets based upon customer generated emails with the specially designed computer help desk software.
  • We generate support tickets using auto-creation features so that we can create and track tickets during phone conversations with your customers.
  • In our outsource help desk, we assign support concerns to an agent manually or automatically, thereby decreasing conflicts and double work by ensuring that everyone is one the same page.
  • Our agents effortlessly examine all of your tickets and requests that are listed as open, closed, and pending. Therefore, our follow-ups with your customers are efficient and swift.
  • Your customers and staff provide immediate feedback regarding the service they received from our team. So, you would know about the exceptional quality of service that we provide instantly.
  • Monitor and track your performance ratings and as well as other valuable reports and data with the outsource help desk, including the average response and resolution times.
  • Become aware of the common issues so that you can address and fix them quickly.
  • Your communication with your customers and staff is of prime importance to your business. When you work with Inso, you have easy access to them with our computer help desk.

Being efficient leads to a great deal of savings, since the number of employees that have to be hired to handle customer support is drastically reduced with outsourced help desk services.

Inso offers help desk support service to help your business. We solve technical problems so that your employees can do their work, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Discover the Inso difference today and see why our virtual call center and help desk