Order Taking Services

The modern-day customers wants to shop when the time is right for them. With a drastic increase in the e-commerce industry, customers place orders online or over the phone without visiting the shopping mall. By assuring that an effective inbound order taking service is in place, your business can take advantage of every sales opportunity that arises. With Inso’s order taking call centers, your company will never miss a chance to earn a customer’s sale again.

Confronting Common Order Taking Challenges

Customers demand excellence from the companies that they do business with. If a business is not responsive to prospective customers, the company could miss out on the chance to earn sales and the future business of their potential customers. Our order taking services includes experienced and professionally-trained representatives who provide friendly and timely responses to all of your customers’ inquiries. We specifically assign and train employees for each campaign, thereby assuring that our employees become outstanding representatives of your brand.

The Tools for a Successful Campaign

We provide our employees with the respective tools, technology and training to ensure that your sales goals are exceeded with each campaign. Our dedicated and domestically located project managers provide detailed weekly reports that include your campaign metrics. We also offer consulting regarding business strategy to improve your sales and increase your return on investment (ROI) in each order taking campaign.

Mastering Your Brand

Inbound order taking requires that all customer inquiries are promptly addressed with knowledgeable responses that increase sales and conversions. We take the time to master your brand and concept. Our employees undergo rigorous training to assure that they are competent in your brand, products and services. We offer a high up-sell, cross-sell and an exceptional conversion rate for your business.

Active Listening

Our experience has taught us that customers desire the active listening formula. We train our reps to actively listen, educate, reassure and communicate with your prospective customers. We have found that our active listening method ensures that the customers never feel like they are being sold something. Instead, they are reassured of their decision to make the sale. This means a high satisfaction rate for your customers and a low refund rate for your business.

High Conversion Order Taking Services

Using our state-of-the-art infrastructure and our decade of experience, our order taking call centers assure a high conversion rate on your inbound orders. A strong focus on customer support, knowledge of your brand, products and services, and proven up-sell and cross-sell methods allow us to deliver the highest conversion rates.

Flexibility with Your Campaign

We understand that sales campaigns can change. Our inbound order taking call center adapts to your new offerings and incorporate them swiftly to maximize the return of your campaign. Over the past decade, we have helped our clients enjoy better conversion rates with multiple product and service sets while providing our services across a broad scope of industries.

Features Of Our Affordable Inbound Order Taking Services

  • Flexibility/adaptability with your campaign – we will update your order taking services with new products and services on short notice.
  • We assure a high conversion rate.
  • We rely upon emerging and groundbreaking technologies to secure critical information while assuring streamlined order taking efforts.
  • Inso provides the necessary training and tools to ensure that our employees are excellent representatives of your brand.
  • Our reps speak fluent English with calm voices. We offer call recordings for your review.
  • We execute our strict quality assurance policies so that our agents represent your brand exactly the way that you want your brand represented.
  • Experienced reps with outstanding track records of up-sell, cross-sell and conversions who are trained to deliver the best results.
  • We use an active listening formula based upon educating customers and reassuring them to facilitate increased sale volumes.
  • 24-hour, 99% uptime guarantee.
  • We submit detailed weekly reports with continuous monitoring of campaign metrics and performance.
  • We assign dedicated and US-based project managers to each account.
  • Multinational order taking services with a presence in USA, India, Philippines and the Dominican Republic.
  • Flexibility with your billing and no hidden charges.
  • Award winning order taking services call center.
  • Over a decade of experience providing call center services.

Let Us Show You How We Can Maximize Your Conversions

Call us today. Talk to one of our experienced project managers about how our unique process works, and how it can benefit your bottom line while increasing your ROI.

To learn more about how Inso can help you increase your conversions and make your inbound order taking campaign more successful, contact us today.