Successfully operating telemarketing companies is a science. When executed properly, telemarketing will benefit your business. An effective outbound telemarketing campaign involves using a simple, proven formula.

Our formula for outbound sales is

Active Listening + Understanding the needs of your customers + Knowledge + Fulfilling your customers’ need = Increased sales and conversions.

Knowing what your customer wants is what we care about. Fulfilling the needs of your customer is what we do. Our professionally trained telemarketing agents understand this simple yet crucial truth of our telesales services.

Active Engagement

When our outbound sales staff phones your prospective customers, whether we call your customers in an appointment setting or in a non-appointment setting, we engage your customers actively. We ensure that your customers are interested in the conversation. We realize that the customers need to like our representatives in order for the customers to give you their business. This is how we practice telemarketing.

We train our agents to be conversational, to ask your customers interesting questions and to engage them. We have found that when our agents get to know your customers, we drastically increase the chances of your customers buying your products and services.

Understanding The Customers’ Background

Our Active Engagement formula also involves understanding the background of your customers. Our outbound telemarketing experience has taught us that it is very important to know the background information of your customers before we call them.

Where do the customers live?

What is their level of interest in the products or services we are calling about?

Have the customers used similar products or services in the past?

What questions could we ask that relate to their lifestyle and culture?

How could we actively engage the customers to facilitate a positive experience that culminates in a sale or conversion?

Our Active Engagement Philosophy

Our philosophy relating to our Active Engagement formula for telesales: Instead of racing towards the sale, we engage your prospective customers with a normal conversation. Initially, we ask your customers a question or two about themselves to break the ice. At the beginning of each call, our agents use simple salutations and ask questions that lead to more conversation.

We have found that such a friendly approach makes the customers feel comfortable and responsive. The customers know that the caller has an agenda. By using a congenial approach, the customers open up. This is our secret of telemarketing. We have realized this secret through our experience, knowledge and confidence, and we achieve a high conversion rate for our clients.

Our Telemarketing Experience

Throughout the past 10 years, we have handled various campaigns ranging from financial campaigns to DR campaigns, health and beauty, hotel industry, telecommunications, business-to-business, business-to-customer, seniors, outbound surveys among others. We have found that conducting an effective sales campaign is similar to creating a work of art, and at Inso, we know how to paint it right.

Our Ethics

We conduct transparent and ethical campaigns with our telemarketers. We do not cold call, period. We follow FTC regulations regarding cold calling campaigns. We only work with “warm leads.” The customers would have been engaged and would have opted-in to receive information about a similar product or service. We contact such customers to offer your product or service.

With appointment setting and surveys, we offer cold calling since they are information gathering campaigns that are not focused on sales. Inso proudly adheres to all FTC rules and regulations with our telemarketing services.

Improve Results With Reliable Outbound Telemarketing

Inso’s outbound telemarketing call center is powered by the science of telemarketing, using an Active Engagement formula that we have carefully developed over the last decade. We invite you to contact us today for your free consultation.