We value the trust our clients have on our team to best serve their customers. Our experienced team understands your objectives, challenges and goals right from the start and we work towards exceeding your goals and minimizing your challenges.

Our Commitment

  • Experienced project manager to plan, strategize, execute and monitor your campaign from start to finish
  • Experienced & professionally trained nearshore personnel for phone, email and chat support
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team to handle all back office support services
  • Weekly on-going meeting to discuss campaign performance, upcoming promotions, policy changes etc.
  • Multilingual support (English, Spanish & French)
  • Dedicated quality assurance team to ensure highest standards
  • Reporting analyst to provide accurate, on-time, meaningful reports
  • Excellent call handling, call monitoring and performance monitoring system for maximum productivity and efficiency
  • World Class Infrastructure with exceptional call quality, data security and 99.99% up-time
  • Flexibility to use client application or develop custom application to manage customer service and sales campaigns
  • Transparent billing with no hidden fees

From Start to Finish

Often we get clients who are new to outsourcing their order taking and customer service support campaigns. We understand the challenges faced by our clients and our experienced project managers will handle every aspect of their campaign including….

  1. Preparing call center blue print and executing a strategy for knowledge transfer and campaign execution
  2. Identifying and preparing documents for campaign goals, objectives and overcome challenges met by client
  3. Preparing campaign training manual
  4. Coordinating with HR, Trainer, IT, QA and reporting team about campaign live date
  5. Monitoring all aspects of campaign to ensure we have all the resources necessary to go live on scheduled date
  6. Creating a plan of action for ongoing campaign monitoring and ensure all campaign objectives are met throughout
  7. Coordinating with client on a weekly basis and update campaign performance metrics

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