Contact Center Metrics

The key metrics relating to inbound call centers are


  • Active and waiting calls – how many customers are speaking with your representatives compared to the number of callers waiting to talk with one of your agents?
  • Average talk time – how long do your customers speak with your inbound call center agents?
  • Average hold time – how long do your customers stay on hold before they reach your inbound call center representatives?
  • First Call Resolution (FCR) – do your agents resolve your customers’ issues during the first call?
  • Service level – does your inbound call center deliver the standard of service mentioned in your SLA?
  • Agent schedule adherence – do your agents adhere to their schedule?
  • Call abandonment – how many customers hang up before reaching one of your representatives?
  • After hour calls – how many customers tried reaching your center during after hours?
  • Customer satisfaction – how satisfied are your customers with the service that they receive?

Active & Waiting Calls

This Key Performance Indicator (KPI) determines the number of customers speaking with your representatives compared to the number of callers waiting to talk with one of your agents. Ensure that your call center agents resolve calls quickly and satisfy your customers with their excellent customer service.

Average Talk Time

This call center efficiency metric indicates how long your customers speak with your inbound call center agents. Train your agents so that they serve your customers efficiently while satisfying the callers’ needs. Ensure that precious seconds which translate to hours over thousands of calls are used productively.

Average Hold Time

This KPI informs you of your call center best practices since this contact center metric measures the average hold time for every call. Reports involving this call center performance metric would include the average hold time of the calls pertaining to each agent. Using this information, you could train each representative accordingly.

First Call Resolution (FCR) 

This contact center metric indicates whether your agents resolve your customers’ issues during the first call. This call center metrics would identify the centers with the best practices since this KPI is an excellent indicator of how each call is handled by your agents. This call center efficiency metric monitors how effectively your contact center is resolving your customers’ issues.

Note that some issues may require a number of calls to be resolved to the satisfaction of your customer.

Service Level

This call center metric is related to how your call center management deliver their commitment that is detailed in your Service Level Agreement (SLA). Your call center partner would have agreed to meet various service standards while they perform their services. Typically, your call center partner would provide a detailed list of services.

Agent Schedule Adherence

Consistently monitor how efficiently your call center representatives utilize their time during work hours.

The call center performance metrics involved in this KPI could vary. Ensure that your call center performance is high in this call metrics since low adherence rates indicate that your customers would probably receive poor quality of service. Aim for a score of  80% or higher.

Call Abandonment

Call metrics such as this one measures the number of callers who disconnect before they talk with your representatives. This call center performance metric is related to Service Level and Customer Satisfaction metrics.

Your customers do not enjoy being placed on hold and they might disconnect or purchase products from your competition. So, aim for a high score in this call center efficiency metric.

After Hour Calls

This metric will help you determine if you need to extend the hours of operation of your call center. The after hour calls are very crucial since you want to make your service available to customers when they need you.

Customer Satisfaction

This contact center metric provides an evaluation of how well your call center representatives have served your customers. Call center efficiency metrics such as this KPI is obtained via customer surveys, typically presented to the customers immediately after a call or via email.