Call Center Basics:

Your bottom line is our primary goal. InSO was awarded the “Best Performance Call Center Award” for the year 2007. Our team of expertly trained support reps, our integrated state-of-the-art technology and our domestically based project managers and executives ensures that your project is a success.

For the past 10 years, InSO has been proudly serving clients worldwide to help them better facilitate their sales and customer support goals.

International Services Outsourcing (InSO), a call center and customer service management firm headquartered in Dallas with its own dedicated contact center in India, offers onshore management with offshore pricing. Our expertise lies in providing customized services based on your unique business needs. As far as BPOs in India are concerned, InSO sits on a high pedestal.

We are proud to offer 24/7 support to all of our valued clients.

We offer English language support for our clients, and our representatives are expertly trained and speak fluent English in a soft, calming and polite tone.

At InSO, we have vast experience handling more than 250 inbound & outbound campaigns, and expertise selling and providing sales/order taking, customer service, technical support for diverse industries including Nutritional & Dietary Supplements, Health & Beauty, Online Retail, Cable TV & Dish Network, Food & Restaurant, Retail, Home Based Business, Medical, Hospitality, Entertainment, Internet, Travel, Financial, etc., for the past 10+ years!

Industries served include:

  • Medical Savings Cards (Loyalty marketing Sector)
  • Health & Beauty including dietary and nutritional supplements, cosmetics and skincare products, infomercial products, books, etc.
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Electronics
  • Educational
  • Clothing
  • Home Based Business Opportunities
  • Books and Educational Materials
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Medical Transcription Courses
  • B2B products and services

We provide phone, email, chat and web support services for our clients.

With experience handling more than 250 inbound & outbound campaigns over the past 10 years, we have proudly served more than 20 different industries and are confident that we can meet the needs of your project.

Call us today and we will be happy to get your campaign underway as soon as possible.

We use VOIP system to handle calls. We also have a dedicated IT team that includes network engineers and programmers. We have four dedicated T3 lines for voice and data. Our dialer and CRM are flexible and can integrate with your system seamlessly. Our VOIP system has an inbuilt state-of-the-art IVR module.

We provide three different reports: Call Summary Report, Call Disposition Report and a Call Detailed Report. Reports are sent every day by email. Customized or more frequent reports can be prepared at an additional cost.

We handpick the best reps on your behalf. We hire the reps with at least 3 years of experience and train them for up to 2 months before they are assigned to any campaign. We also train them thoroughly about your products/services once we assign them to YOUR campaign. In addition, we constantly monitor and train our reps throughout the duration of the campaign.

We assign a Project Manager for your campaign who will be based in Dallas. The Project Manager will gather all the client requirements and coordinate with the client on campaign performance, agents’ performance and changes requested by the client.

The Project Manager will also conduct a mandatory weekly performance meeting with the client and go over metrics like call volume, hold time, resolution percentage etc., to ensure that all client requirements are met. We do not plan a set time for our project managers. Our project managers are accessible to you on an as-needed basis. They can be reached via email and phone.

Our project managers have a response time average of 2 hours during business hours. Any change request you would like to make for your campaign has to be coordinated with our project managers.

We ensure that they are working efficiently on your behalf. We assign floor supervisors to handle supervisor and escalation calls. The floor managers have a dashboard that gives an alert when a supervisor’s attention is needed. Managers can also coach and monitor an agent’s call and engage in a conversation with the customer and the agent real-time.

Floor managers run the performance report every day to measure agents’ performance. If the performance is not up to the campaign’s benchmark metrics, the agent is sent to the trainer for performance coaching and evaluation. We constantly monitor our agents’ performance to ensure we meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Yes you can. Our QA team also monitors calls to ensure all campaign parameters and objectives are met. Calls are evaluated on a 1:3 ratio by our QA team. Call evaluation results are then sent to the Floor Manager. Reps will be sent to the trainer if the campaign requirements are not met.

We also record all the communications our marketing team had with our clients prior to the contract. This is to ensure we deliver and maintain the service level that was committed to our clients.

Our average hold time is 45 – 50 seconds. The hold time varies based on campaign call volume, nature of service, number of agents etc.

The average call duration is 5 to 6 minutes. The average talk time is based on the nature of service provided and the service/product we sell.

We bill you on a second-second billing. Please refer to our pricing section for more information.

We do NOT round off minutes or overload our agents with too many campaigns. Our agents will work on up to just 2 campaigns besides yours. These two things alone will save you a lot of money because most call centers will not even tell you that they round you off up to 3 minutes more or assign agents to 15 campaigns or more at a time!

How do you protect sensitive data like credit card information, customer address etc.?
We have installed the latest, state-of-the-art monitoring and security devices at our call center. We are PCI compliant. All client data are stored on our secured server and are kept confidential. We do not allow any recording devices or cell phones at our floor.

The floor is watched 24X7 by security personnel and the camera recordings are stored 24X7. We on an average handle 1000 – 1500 credit card transactions a day and we cannot afford to be in business if we don’t have proper infrastructure in place to handle our client data.

Our call center is located in a place where there are no natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, tornadoes, etc. However, we have implemented the highest standard of protection against fires and other possible disasters.  We also have a diesel generator that can provide power for up to 24 hours in case of emergencies.

Contract & Payments

The cost depends on the type of plan you choose. We have a monthly minimum for per-minute plan and we have a 40 hour per week minimum commitment on our hourly rate plan. Please call us at (800) 788 8299 to discuss your campaign needs.

We offer several pricing plans to meet your needs including: per minute, performance based and a hybrid plan that combines both. Call us today to discuss our low rates and your options at Inso.

We require a one-month trial period to test the success of your campaign. After the test phase, its just a month-month campaign

The set up fee is a one-time fee to cover our training, documentation and system set up cost. There might be an additional set up cost if there is any custom reporting or software integration work required by the client. Our set up fee starts at $500.00.

Invoices will be sent every 30 days and must be prepaid in full within 5 business days.

We accept wire transfer, bank deposits, cashiers check or check payment. We currently do not accept credit cards. We also accept paypal.

No. The cost of these essential managers, QA, IT and reporting analyst are all included in our per-minute rate or agent’s hourly rate.

Absolutely. We charge a one-time fee to acquire an 800#. The cost depends on the number you choose. Vanity numbers are expensive when compared to the regular 800 numbers. The one-time fee starts at $75.00.

The 800# will be purchased in your company name. If you decide to port your number elsewhere, you have the freedom to do so.

It depends on the plan you choose. There is no additional cost for the toll-free minutes if you go with our hourly rate plan. We charge an extra 3 cents if you decide to go with our per-minute plan.