The Hidden Treasure – Dominican Republic Call Centers

Recently, Dominican Republic has experienced a surge in the call center industry. The nation is known as a hidden treasure for US, Canadian and European businesses to outsource their campaigns at their nearshore call centers. Since this nation is located so close to the United States, Dominicans speak English with only a slight accent. They also speak Spanish, their native tongue.

Domestic Office

Before you work with a call center in Dominican Republic, determine if the nearshore call center operates an office domestically. The onshore office would understand your campaign needs clearly.

For example, your communication with your call center partner would be a breeze if your call center runs an office established in the United States if your business is also located in America. Then, you could hold the US branch of the call center liable for any portion of the project that may be unfulfilled.

If you sign up with an nearshore  call center that lacks a locally-situated office, then your contract with your nearshore call center partner may not be valid in a court of law in Dominican Republic.

Due Diligence

If your call center does not operate a company within America, visit the Dominican Republic call center to perform your due diligence and to ensure that you sign up with the call center that is right for your business.

Before your campaign commences and during your project, your employees would perform a significant amount of knowledge transfer. For example, the customer service representatives at the Dominican Republic call center would need time to become familiar to your products and services. Typically, this process would take approximately 1 to 3 months. If you choose to invest 3 months of your time and effort, you would benefit by doing your due diligence.

Cost vs Quality

Sometimes, companies make a decision based on the price quoted by call center. Doing so could be counter-productive. The call center could quote you a low price if they do not possess the adequate resources to run your campaigns effectively.

When you work with a call center with an established presence – with experienced call center managers, trainers and representatives – the chances of your company enjoying the benefits a successful campaign increase drastically. So, consider choosing quality over cost when you select your call center partner.

Questions to Ask

Ask the following questions when you contact nearshore call centers in Dominican Republic.

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Which clients have they worked with?
  • Could they provide at least 3 client referrals?

The Management

Before you sign the contract with your nearshore call center partner, consider the most important aspect – the call center management.

Get to know the personnel involved in the day-to-day management of the center.

  • Do they understand your requirements?
  • Are they experienced enough to execute your project?
  • Do they communicate effectively?
  • Do they possess the resources to execute your project well?

Communicate with the management. Send them a few requests and see how quickly and efficiently they respond. If they do not communicate effectively in a timely manner, then that call center is probably not the right match for your business.

If your potential call center partner addresses your needs promptly, then their response is a great sign for your business relationship. If the call center management answer your questions with honest and appropriate responses, they probably conduct their business ethically and they are detail-oriented.


Ask your nearshore call center partner about the technology that they utilize at their facility.

  • Which dialer do they use?
  • Is their internet access fast and reliable?
  • How do they secure their data?
  • Is their call center PCI compliant?
  • Do they own a reliable redundancy system? (Dominican Republic experiences power outages often).

Skill Set and Resource Mindset

Dominican Republic is a democratic nation that enjoys a stable political climate with a population of about 10 million. So, Dominican Republic is an excellent location for companies to outsource their call center campaigns.

In 2009, over 372,000 students were enrolled in college in Dominican Republic. Literacy has steadily risen in the past and continues to rise every decade.

Employee attrition rates tend to be quite low at nearshore call centers in Dominic Republic. Call center employees are paid fair wages. They receive incentives such as perfect attendance bonus and performance bonus.

When you work with a nearshore call center in Dominican Republic, expect to pay anywhere from $11 to $15 per representative per hour.

Start Your Campaign

After you select your call center partner and begin your campaign, perform a few test calls to determine how your call center representatives answer your customers’ calls.

Before you pick your Dominican Republic call center partner and after you begin working with the company of your choice, strive to improve the quality of service you receive from your call center team by checking your reports consistently.