How To Hire An Inbound Call Center

Before you hire an inbound call center, ask the following questions and perform the steps detailed below to ensure that you work with the best inbound contact center for your company.

Knowledge and Resource Perspective

1) Have the management personnel at the inbound call centers handled a campaign similar to your project? For example, Direct Response (DR) campaigns featured on television could be tricky because your inbound call center would receive a spike during DR campaigns. After the initial surge of calls, the call volume would drop. So, the inbound contact centers would need to possess the resources to handle call spikes in your campaign.

2) Have they planned and executed campaigns successfully? In addition to training the representatives to answer phone calls well, ask the inbound contact call center management how they would achieve the best Return On Investment (ROI) for your company.

3) What is the closing percentage of the inbound call centers? During a sales campaign, find out how the inbound contact centers determine and set their sales benchmarks.

4) Ask the inbound call centers the following questions.

  1. What is their average hold time?
  2. What is their average talk time?
  3. What is their conversion percentage during their sales campaigns?
  4. How do they handle call spikes?
  5. How do they handle your employees whom might take unauthorized leave of absence?
  6. Do they employ backup personnel to answer calls?

Technology and Quality Assurance Perspective

Ask your potential inbound call center partners about the technology that they utilize at their facility.

  • Which dialer do they use?
  • Is their internet access fast and reliable?
  • How do they secure their data?
  • Is their call center PCI compliant?
  • Do they own a reliable redundancy system in case of power outages?

Regarding Quality Assurance (QA), ask the following questions.

  • What kind of QA protocols does the inbound call center have in place?
  • How do they ensure that their agents follow protocols? For example, while working on health & beauty campaigns or projects involving prescription or medical campaigns, do their agents abide by the respective regulations? Do their representatives venture outside the script or follow it?

Call Center Reports

What reports do the inbound contact centers provide? Typically, call centers send a sales report, a call disposition report and call summary report.

Call summary reports detail the number of incoming calls, the average hold time of the campaign, the total talk time of the campaign, the number of abandoned calls, and the number of short calls.

Call disposition reports list the types of calls, the number of sales calls, customer service calls, general inquiry calls, cancellation calls and shipping inquiry calls. All calls would be categorized based on the type of incoming calls.

Sales reports contain information regarding sales that were generated during the day and include details about the type of products that were sold.

At Inso, we provide our clients with daily reports, weekly reports or monthly reports, whichever they prefer.

Final Steps

Perform a test call by dialing the number for customer service (typically a toll-free number) and notice how well the inbound call center representatives respond and how polite they are.

You could also determine the noise level of the call. Occasionally, the call center agents literally work too close to each other and you might hear echoes due to this reason.

During your test call, you could determine the answers to following questions.

  • How soon do the agents answer your call?
  • How good are their accents?
  • Are the agents convincing when they discuss or sell the products?
  • Do you hear any background noise while they talk with you?

After your conversation with the inbound call centers, request price quotes. After you receive your quotes, make your decision about working with one of the inbound contact centers. Once you have chosen an inbound call center, do your due diligence by calling its client references.

Following the aforementioned steps would help you to hire and work with the ideal inbound call center partner for your business.