Inbound Process At A Call Center

Inbound process describes how a call center handles incoming calls when your customers call to avail the services provided by your inbound call center.

Inbound Process

We have identified the most common services associated with inbound process. Inbound process could involve any of the following campaigns.

  • Answering service
  • Customer support
  • Survey
  • Promotional campaign
  • Order Taking
  • Survey

Key Factors Regarding Inbound Process

You would be wise to consider the following factors when you devise and execute your inbound process.

  • Conduct research before choosing your inbound call center partner.
  • Technical aspects such as an efficient dialer, reliable and fast internet connection, updated computers, headsets, power backup, call center security measures and operating procedures.
  • An excellent connection for your phone system is essential since your customers’ calls would be steadily coming through. So, a reliable system such as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is important.
  • Executives experience and knowledge is a crucial element. The supervisor, trainer, QA and the project manager must have expertise in managing your campaigns, meet your SLA metrics and goals.
  • Agent scheduling is a major factor. During an inbound campaign, your representatives need to be present and ready to take calls. Some inbound campaigns could require agents 24/7 which could be tricky while you would schedule your agents since you would need a team of representatives to take calls day and night. Some campaigns might require 9 hours/day, some others, 13 hours/day for 6 days or 7 days per week.
  • Proper QA (Quality Assurance) measures are important since you need to ensure that your inbound call center is compliant with all of the procedures stipulated by you. Your customer service call center must meet all the items stipulated in your SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Inbound Call Center  – Key Metrics

The key metrics relating to inbound call centers are

  • Active and waiting calls – how many customers are speaking with your representatives compared to the number of callers waiting to talk with one of your agents?
  • Average talk time – how long do your customers speak with your inbound call center agents?
  • Average hold time – how long do your customers stay on hold before they reach your inbound call center representatives?
  • First Call Resolution (FCR) – do your agents resolve your customers’ issues during the first call?
  • Service level – does your inbound call center deliver the standard of service mentioned in your SLA?
  • Agent schedule adherence – do your agents adhere to their schedule?
  • Call abandonment – how many customers hang up before reaching one of your representatives?
  • Customer satisfaction – how satisfied are your customers with the service that they receive?

Consider the aforementioned key metrics carefully before you choose to work with an inbound call center.

To learn more about key metrics relating to call centers, please read this article.

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