We founded Inso in 2003 as an international call center consulting firm. Since establishing Inso, we have enabled call centers to improve their productivity and customer satisfaction by implementing custom strategies and solutions. We have helped contact centers implement strategies and increase productivity to grow revenue by streamlining management and by enhancing overall customer/client satisfaction.


Why We Created Our Own Call Center

In the early days, we outsourced to a number of international call centers, but we created our own call center to service our clients and meet the high standards we set for ourselves. Due to the overwhelming demands of our clients, Inso established its first international contact center in 2005


International Presence

Inso has grown substantially over the past decade. With our corporate headquarters in Texas, we have adopted a multinational presence with our international call centers located in India, Philippines, and the Dominican Republic.

We tailor each contact center to cater to the specific needs of our clients. Our Indian call center manages back office support for our clients, whereas our Dominican Republic and Philippines call centers handle voice support. Our Texas headquarters specializes in onshore and offshore management.


Expertise in Onshore/Offshore Call Center Management

We continue to explore new markets to strategically establish new international contact centers to serve our clients effectively. Our expertise in onshore and offshore call center management has enabled us to seamlessly position our call centers to the benefit of our clients, from a service and uptime standpoint as well as an economical one.

In 2007, Inso received the “Best Performance Call Center Award” for our expertise in management and our multinational, modernized infrastructure.


Cost Reduction – Increased ROI

We help our valued clients grow their revenue and increase their return on investment (ROI) using our proven model and our signature approach. Thanks to our viable international presence, we offer an economical turnkey solution to our customers that empowers them to grow and to expand their operations with a manageable overhead cost.


Our Hybrid Approach

Inso is far more than just your standard international call center. Since 2005, we have delivered custom turnkey solutions for our clients. Our team of call center experts, project managers and marketing specialists create customized strategies that are based upon proven models. Our effective strategies have helped our clients increase sales and improve customer satisfaction and retention.


Experience the Inso Difference

To learn more about what sets Inso apart from other international call centers, we invite you to contact us today for your free no-obligation consultation with an experienced project manager.

Explore how our hybrid solution can help your business expand and succeed.