Our Process

Inso’s Process Involves A 7-Phase Program Designed To Master Your Brand

Our Process

Inso utilizes a very scrupulous and detailed 7 phase process to master your products, services and needs. During each phase of the process, we learn valuable information about what your business requires, your challenges, and how we can provide solutions to overcome your challenges and improve your Return On Investment (ROI).

How We Work

Using our systematic process, we carefully manage each project that we take on. Firstly, we learn about your business, your brand and your project needs. Then, we create your call center blueprint.

After we plan, we execute your project and carefully monitor its progress. We make subtle changes along the way to assure synergy and productivity. This is how we complete the project to your satisfaction and help your business grow.

The 7 Phases Of Our Process

We have created a 7 phase system to adequately assess your needs, master your products and services and create your call center blueprint. Each phase helps us achieve our goal: growing your business with a successful campaign.

Phase 1: Gather Your Requirements

During the first phase, our project managers and team work closely with yours to identify your requirements. We take detailed notes and compile data regarding your project so that we identify your requirements.

Phase 2: Analysis

After gathering the necessary information, we begin analyzing it. We carefully assess your project needs and create any necessary charts and data spreads to compare, contrast and create a custom solution.

Phase 3: Blueprint

We structure a call center blueprint for your project. This phase includes developing a plan for team selection, document preparation, training and system setup.

Phase 4: Document Preparation

Using our blueprint, we develop the necessary documents to represent your campaign. We utilize these documents as the campaign protocol that we provide to our project managers and contributing team members.

Phase 5: Team Selection

Based upon your campaign needs, we carefully select the best team members for your campaign. We are selective while we choose your representatives. We identify the skill level and experience of each member whom we employ.

Phase 6: Training & System Setup

During the training phase, our project managers work hand-in-hand with our team members to train them to be experts about your products and services. We also conduct live role-playing drills with each team member to assure that they are adequately prepared to represent your business.

Phase 7: Campaign Launch

We issue the “go-live” protocol and launch your campaign successfully. We carefully monitor the campaign launch and implement strict quality assurance protocols. We monitor the performance of our project managers and team members. We send detailed weekly reports to you about the progress of your campaign.

Learn How We Can Help Grow Your Business

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