Learn to Navigate Outbound Call Center Metrics

Call centers live by the adage: if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Key metrics are vital when operating outbound calls. These metrics identify productivity, list effectiveness and pinpoint areas of improvement for sales.

It’s recommended that call center managers obtain this information regularly. Then, the manager can effectively use it to keep the operation running at the highest level of performance.

Here are four key performance metrics to guide your call center in the right direction:

  1. Contact Rate

To calculate the contact rate, divide the number of contacts by time, like contacts per hour, or contacts per day. For example, if your team completes 10 contacts in eight hours, that equals 1.25 contacts per hour.

In order to increase your contact rate, know the best time of day to call your outbound customers. A study presented at MarketingSherpa discovered that the contact ratios between 4pm and 6pm were 114% higher than right after lunchtime. Moreover, Wednesday and Thursday had 49.7% higher contact ratios than Tuesday.

  1. Closing Ratio

Your closing ratio is the total number of sales per day divided by the total number of calls per day. If you have 20 sales and you made 200 calls, divide 20 by 200. In this case, there is a 10% closing ratio.

Everyone has the ability to improve his or her closing techniques as a call center agent. The first step is to articulate the value of your product or service. You must inform the callers of the benefits such as, reduced operating costs or improved efficiency. Grab their attention by making it impactful for them.

In addition, connect the dots for the customer. Engage prospective buyers into a discussion by learning about their needs and goals. Then, satisfy those desires by offering your product or service. Be a credible source for the prospective client.

  1. Lead Dialing

Call centers can implement several different dialing modes. Manual dialing refers to calls placed manually by an agent. Automated dialing automatically dials telephone numbers for the agent.

Preview dialing occurs when the telephone number to be dialed is selected by the agent from a display on the computer screen, and then the system will dial that number. This eliminates the need to dial ten digits.

Learn and understand the best approach for your call center. Manual dialing agents spend more time trying to find a prospect than talking, which negatively impacts revenue. Automatic dialing agents spend more time talking to people, rather than waiting for the calls to go through.

  1. Disposition Reporting

Disposition reporting is a summary of what happened on a particular call. This is where the call center supervisor will learn about the results of a call from an agent. For example, did the caller enroll in the service, or did he ask for materials to mailed to his home? Examine these reports daily and aggregate them to gain insight on how to improve your outcomes.

In the call center, we love reports. So, you must do a careful inspection to ensure that reports are actually being used. If you notice the reports are ineffective, get rid of them and generate a different, more useful report.

What gets measured gets done. To improve your outbound call center, set up key performance metrics.