Offshore Contact Centers

Inso’s world class offshore call center offers onshore management with offshore pricing to offer experience and value to our clients.

We utilize our state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer cost effective call center services with a specific focus on quality. We deliver exceptional results to help you grow your business.

What Is Our Advantage?

Since 2003, we continue to work with our clients in the USA, who benefit from partnering with our offshore call centers. Using our cost-effective offshore call center services, we have lowered their call center costs while increasing customer retention and satisfaction.

How We Deliver Results For You

Offshore call center outsourcing is a smart choice to reduce your overhead cost while utilizing the efforts of your valuable employees to grow your business. Instead of paying domestic rates for call center services, outsource your campaigns to us and enjoy a higher profit margin.

Inso hires only the most talented college graduates. They specialize in Information Technology (IT) or related fields. They also speak excellent English with a minimal accent. They are trained using our intensive detail-oriented training program. So, they are aware of the nuances of your American customers and are experienced in providing exceptional customer service.

Who We Hire

Our team is proficient in providing order taking and customer service, computer-related services, including back office support services and services like technical support and help desk services for our clients. We carefully select the best qualified individuals to staff our facilities with efforts to provide the most efficient and productive offshore call center services to our clients.

Why Offshore Call Centers Are So Popular

The cost of doing business has exponentially increased in recent years. As the cost continues to rise, many US businesses have struggled to maintain their bottom line and to balance it with increased cost while maintaining healthy profit margins. Offshore call center outsourcing with a reliable partner like Inso means that you reduce your business cost and enjoy a high return on investment (ROI).

Identifying The Strengths Of Different Offshore Call Centers

To offer the best offshore call center services for our customers, we implement a multinational presence. We proudly host three different call centers to serve your business.

  • Our India call centers offer fantastic IT support, back office services, quality assurance, programming work and data entry services, performed by a collective of well-educated college graduates.
  • Our Philippines call centers offer excellent voice support, chat and email support. Our representatives are fluent in English with minimal accent and good experience and training. Our Philippines call centers are a great choice for offshore telemarketing.
  • Our Dominican Republic call centers offer a near-shore service with desirable offshore pricing. They feature excellent voice support with minimal accent and bilingual representatives. Our Dominican Republic call centers are also an excellent choice for offshore telemarketing.

The Inso Difference

By using the advantages of our call centers in 3 countries, we serve our clients by utilizing the strengths of these individual call centers to their advantage. When you work with us, we are in an excellent position to identify the call center most suitable for your needs and for your budget. You could also utilize all 3 of our call centers to grow your business.

Give Your Call Center A Turbo-Boost

Contact us today to learn more about our multinational offshore call center services.