India Call Center

Inso’s India call center is unlike any other outsourcing service you will ever find. During our decade of experience, we have found that a smart and efficient workforce is the key to increasing profits while reducing cost for your business. This is how we exceed the expectations of our clients.

We hire our employees from a pool of talented college graduates. They specialize in back office, computer, software and programming work. We help our clients succeed by choosing quality over quantity when we staff our India call center.

Advantages Of An India Call Center

Outsourcing to India has become an increasingly popular option for many businesses in recent years due to the availability of a reliable workforce with qualified college graduates. For example, our team members are college graduates specializing in Information Technology (IT). They are experienced in providing a number of viable back office support services, including help desk and technical support.

Services We Provide

Our India call center is staffed with well-trained and well-educated, dedicated workers who speak English fluent with soft-spoken voices. They are thoroughly vetted before we bring them on board to assure that we offer the best services to our clients at the greatest value. Each of our team members undergoes a rigorous training process to assure that they are qualified to help your business grow.

We are pleased to offer the following services at our India call centers.

  • Data entry
  • Document scanning
  • Virtual assistant
  • Quality assurance
  • Programming work
  • Web programming
  • Fraud management
  • Fraud prevention

Our Technology

Our India call center is equipped with the latest technology and includes a state-of-the-art infrastructure, disaster recovery plan, computer network and software to meet your needs. We constantly improve our technology to offer the most updated solutions for your business.

We implement a structured work flow and utilize tools to efficiently manage the productivity of our employees. We believe that effective management and technology increase productivity. Outsourcing to India can be effective way to increase profit for your business.

Reduce Workload & Increase Efficiency

All businesses have a bottom line. When you wisely consider outsourcing to India and to work with a qualified outsourcing partner, you reduce the workload that your domestic employees encounter and focus on growing your business. Using our valuable outsourcing service plans, you can direct your employees to grow your business.

With such an effective system in place, you drastically reduce your overhead cost while meeting your bottom line. You improve productivity and increase your return on investment (ROI).

 No Obligation Performance Estimate

Contact us today to allow us to demonstrate to you how a cost effective India call center would increase your performance metrics.