Philippines Center

Our offshore call center in the Philippines helps your business grow by reducing your expenses while delivering excellent service to your customers. Your advantage of outsourcing with Inso is increased productivity for less business cost. By working with call centers in Philippines, you can expand your business while increasing your return on investment (ROI).

How We Overcame Challenges With Call Centers In The Philippines

We conquered a few challenges while working with call centers in the Philippines. We thoroughly train our agents and help them understand American culture and accents as well as customer service etiquette. We have established checks and balances to ensure that our Philippines call center adheres to our quality assurance protocols. We have implemented a reporting and project management system to streamline our business process so that we continue deliver excellent results for your campaigns.

How Our Philippines Call Center Delivers Results For Your Business

Our Philippines call center offers cost effective services to your business. Our call center features state-of-the-art technology and follows our call center procedures. We have established checks and balances to assure that our Philippines call center meets the high standards of our business practice. Doing so results in the operation being executed smoothly to meet the goals of our clients.

The Advantage Of working with Philippines Call Centers

A call center in the Philippines offers great value to businesses seeking to outsource their work. Our employees are dedicated to their work. We provide our managers and representatives with excellent resources and train them thoroughly. Many of our employees have graduated from college. Since we coach our agents using efficient accent training methods, they speak in clear voices with excellent grammar and minimal accents while they serve your customers.

The Inso Advantage with Call centers In The Philippines

  • State-of-the-art Philippines call center
  • Technologically advanced solution
  • Dedicated and domestically located project managers
  • Reports submitted weekly with detailed campaign information
  • Quality assurance and call monitoring protocols to increase productivity
  • Professionally trained agents with premium educations
  • Accent trained agents with clear-spoken English (Click here to listen to reps)
  • Transparent and affordable billing options
  • Scalable solution to any business size or need
  • Domestically based headquarters in Texas, USA
  • Award winning call center

Services Our Philippines Call Centers Offer

Our Philippine call center is staffed by well-educated, professionally-trained employees who offer the following services to help you reduce your business costs.

  • Inbound/outbound call center service
  • Customer care services
  • Order taking services
  • After hours answering service
  • Outbound telemarketing and sales
  • Lead verification services
  • Technical support and help desk
  • Email, web and chat support
  • Back office services
  • Appointment scheduling

Improve Your Bottom Line With Call Centers In Philippines

Reduce your business cost with our call center and increase your bottom line without compromising on quality.

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