At InSO we strive to meet the best interests of our clients. Our goal as a leading call center is to increase the ROI for our clients by providing excellent telephone and back office support services that exceed their expectations. Our bottom line is to improve the profit margin for each of our valued clients by ensuring that their call centers are efficiently operating and expertly staffed in order to increase customer retention and improve sales and support.

We understand that pricing plays an important role in the decision making process for any business. However, it’s NOT just about the pricing structure. There are many underlying facets that a business should take into consideration when selecting the call center they plan to work with.

A call center will be the face of the company they represent. That’s why we only employ the best and brightest of the bunch for the delicate handling of our clients’ campaigns. The experts at InSO have authored a White Paper that can better educate prospective clients on things to know and consider before choosing a call center vendor.

Our InSO team consists of highly experienced and smart project managers, support staff and telecallers. A typical inbound campaign includes project managers, floor managers, trainers, reporting analysts, IT personnel and quality assurance personnel all working collectively to meet our clients’ goals and objectives.

Our Agents Qualifications:

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in call center support
  • Minimum 3 months’ sales and customer service etiquette training completed
  • Knowledge of MS Office Application, CRM tools and internet research
  • Minimum 1 year experience working for US call center campaigns
  • Nearshore based reps for voice support and offshore based reps for back office support


InSO’s Price Structure:

Hourly Rate Plan: We provide dedicated representatives at a competitive hourly rate. The agents are extensively trained to handle your campaign. They are able to handle chat and phone support efficiently. Our prices generally start at $11.00 USD per hour, per rep.

Per-Minute Rate Plan:We also offer per-minute rates for our shared reps. It’s important to note that unlike other call centers, we DO NOT round off minutes or bog our agents down with too many campaigns at one time. Our agents are only ever allowed to work on two to three additional campaigns aside from yours—so they can provide the five-star service that has made us an industry leader.

Our per minute plan is favored by many companies as we don’t round off up to 3 minutes. With us you pay exactly for what we have worked. You will find our agents giving you the best as they are not overloaded with campaigns, unlike other call centers that have 15 campaigns on the works at one time! Typical per-minute prices start at a low rate of $0.50 USD per minute.

Our Hybrid Plan: We also are pleased to offer new and totally customized hybrid plans that are based upon your specific business needs. These hybrid plans can be entirely customized to be inclusive of per-minute and hourly reps, or even commission-based reps. These plans allow for you to mix and match different rate combinations in order to better budget your call center overhead. InSO’s hybrid plans are one-of-a-kind!

Performance Based Plan: We also offer performance based plans for clients who have a higher call volume and are geared towards sales. Several of our Direct Response campaigns are performance based since we know what it takes to convince your targeted customers to engage in your product or service. The commission percentage depends on call volume, product pricing, media type etc.

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