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Third Party Verification Services

Regulatory bodies such as the FCC and FTC, enforce server penalties on businesses or individuals that conduct unauthorized changes to the accounts of customers. Third Party Verification companies offer a standard 3rd party verification service that is carried out by businesses who deal with electronic payments of any kind.

While many company’s employ vocal third party processing telephone verification service, it is not mandatory however. This immediate telephone verification access to undisputable proof of the client confirming his/her request is used to quickly put to rest any disputes between a company and a consumer. This process of TPV records any transactions (including merchant accounts credit card transactions) taking place between the call center agent and the consumer. The call center agent has to confirm that the offer is unequivocally accepted by the consumer, before any alterations or changes are processed.

A customer who hears their own voice through telephone verification, confirming to any transaction is very useful in any dispute. The verbal confirmation recording of the customer can save you valuable money in legal fees, potential fines, and of course, time in court.

A customer claiming that they did not request the product or change in service puts the burden of proof on your company to prove that they did agree to any credit card transaction or payment.

InSO - Third Party Verification Company

With the very strict laws governed by the FCC and FTC, all orders over the phone have to be recorded for the protection of your business. At InSO we will provide you with the best solution possible and the most cost effective and customer friendly third party verification service.

At InSO we make Third Party Verification simple by:

  • Deal with every third party verification process, saving you time and potential frustration of having to talk to another third party
  • You don’t have to go through a confusing IVR system to confirm that you would like to buy from us
  • Self serving 3rd party verification solution

If you record your calls, our 3rd party verification company system can maintain your compliance with the law, without hurting your company’s brand image.

How Does our Third Party Verification Work?

  • We record any sales agents calls with your consumers, (or you record them, depending on whether we provide you with our inbound sales support services) then we post the recordings up to our FTP site which is very secure and very simple
  • You will provide us with what specifics you would like verified. E.g. Acceptance of offers, explanation of how a customer cancels, their contact information, payment details, etc.
  • We will then listen to any calls and determine whether or not your sales agent (or ours) has covered the criteria you have defined for your business. You can even use the information to determine whether or not the sale went well or not, so you can make necessary alterations to the sales process.
  • We will listen to the calls and send the information in a formatted file per your request.
  • We return your email the following day. While all your data remains 100% secure in our private data center.

So Why Use our Third Party Verification Services?

  • You will remain 100% compliant with the strict laws placed on TPV avoiding any fines, and maintaining your excellent business image.
  • You will avoid any customer complaints and obtain the ability to resolve problems quickly.
  • You can add credibility to your defence as third party verification vs. in-house recordings hold more weight to consumers and regulatory bodies.
  • You can offer your consumers a simple solution to third party processing without putting them through the harsh sequence of confirming they want to buy.

InSO (International Services Outsourcing) can provide you with a professional cost effective solution to your third party verification services needs. For more information on our third party processing services you can phone our friendly team on this number (800) 788-8299 or you can click here for a free quote on our 3rd party verification solutions.

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